Technical info

Diffuse open structures and compositions

The diffusely open structure of the building shell is characterized by allowing the passage of dry air and water vapor through the diffusion mechanism. In a sense, such a construction can be likened to the skin: in a reasonable, yet necessary degree, it allows natural processes to proceed. It should be remembered that all buildings built with traditional technologies (eg bricks) have diffused openings (unless they are additionally insulated with airtight thermal insulation or if exterior surfaces are not formed by thin-film plasters). The same applies to houses made of aerated concrete, gas-silicates and all traditional log houses. more »

Diffuse closed constructions and compositions

Timber in the construction of wooden constructions must be protected from atmospheric humidity. Diffuse-closed construction systems suit the supporters of thorough protection. For this protection, known perforescent films are installed, installed on the perimeter structures by the interior. These films prevent the entry of water vapor into the wooden roof and perimeter structure of the house. The ventilation of the rooms is ensured by the natural way of a window with a micro ventilation, a door, a fireplace, an extractor hood. Passive houses require controlled ventilation with recuperation. The possibility of selecting the thickness of the thermal insulation of the peripheral casing creates a space for improving the thermal insulation properties and hence reducing the energy consumption for heating. It is not a problem to request passive house parameters. more »

Getting started

485/5000 What is important in building a house? An important aspect in designing your future dream home is the ownership of a particular plot. The first route is to the building office - to find out whether it is possible to construct the conditions of the construction - the type of the house ground or floor, slope event. the color of the roof, the color of the facade etc. After a personal meeting in the term of your choice with our salesman and designer, we will prepare you a tailor-made study of the house according to your requirements and with respect to your budget. more »

House construction

Gradual photodocumentation of building from the base to the roof. The foundation structures are absolutely comparable to the foundations of masonry objects. We provide a monolithic construction link between baseplaces embedded in a non-frosty depth with a reinforced reinforced concrete slab that overlaps them. With this solution, we can safely set up an object even on unsustainable soils, possibly on pickups, on slopes, more »